Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Georgia and Sweet Tea

Me & Sister Clark in the attic of the Newell K. Whitney home
I don't know if you know, but at the VC (Visitor's Center) we are the people on the other end of "chat with a Mormon" on and we are the people who answer the phone calls! We have scheduled time each day we are at sites so to this. 
I got a call from the sweetest lady in Georgia and I could've died over her accent! She is in the process of going through chemo and recently had a stroke. She called bc she found a pile of "those Jesus cards" in her house and realized she had never looked at them. She called the number on the back and started talking to me. She said a friend told her about another book of scripture and I briefly explained the Book Of Mormon. She said she didn't have a lot of money, but if I would send her a Book Of Mormon she would take real good care of it. She also agreed to meet with the missionaries in her area! 

She told me anyone is welcome in her home as long as they like ice cold sweet tea...

We'll work on that.

She also told me that when I do my tour de South after my mission (it's happening) that I could visit her and she will make us biscuits and gravy and green tomato sandwiches :D 

She also told me how she was named after a French prostitute, but thats a story for another letter...

She wants to be pen pals and gave me her address. She is sending me some homemade book marks for my Bible. I am really looking forward to staying in contact with her! She kept calling me sweetheart and darling and told me how much she loved me at the end of the call haha. I hope she is baptized before I meet her! (:
Turning on the water wheel at the sawmill

3 sisters in the attic
Inside the ashery

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