Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ACT Immediately

3 Beautiful Sisters

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was honestly pretty uneventful. Sister Clark came up with a great new tracting approach. We raked leaves for people and left our information on a for them. That was super fun because:

a.) I've never used a rake before
b.) I got to wear pants!

Sadly, it rained the entire time, yet we raked ON! haha! One of our investigators was disgusted by our wet hair and would not stop asking where our umbrellas were. She is such a sweet lady! : ) She is from Alabama originally and has a very thick Southern accent. She has a hard time understanding the principles, but she feels the Spirit and is moved to tears every time we come over. We've been focusing on the Book of Mormon.  Man, I just love her!

Doing her tour thang...
She calls us her "bible study" haha! Last week we tried to teach her why we're more than that. One of her grand-babies is with her sometimes. She's over a year maybe...and can't talk yet but is so sassy! Every time she's asked to do something she turns around and yells something in baby language and shakes her head. I'm just waiting for her to snap her fingers in a Z formation!

We only had 4 tours this week and they weren't particularly memorable. Sounds bad, but it's true. The Spirit is just so strong on EVERY tour! I wish I could spend every day at Kirtland.

Thursday was pretty upsetting. We watched General Conference at the church a few weeks ago and it was just us and like two other people, one of which was an older gentleman. I wanted to meet him but one of my companions didn't so we rushed out of the building. I kept thinking about him the rest of the day and eventually the thought left my mind. So Thursday we were looking at a list of less-actives to stop by and I was particularly drawn to visiting a certain family. Eventually at the end of the day we made it there. I was surprised to see it was the same older gentleman.

We proceeded to meet with him and discovered that he had been battling non-Hodgekins Lymphoma for several months and that his wife had passed away in a tragic accident a couple of weeks ago. It took everything I had not to cry. I just started sobbing once we were home and I could be alone.

Two weeks ago I was prompted to talk to this man, two weeks ago he needed the Atonement of Jesus Christ more than ever, and two weeks ago I let the thought leave my mind. It led me to think how many times does the Spirit lead us to those in need, only to have us not recognize the prompting? I will never forgive myself for that. My heart still hurts for him. He did feel well enough to come to church on Sunday and we will continue to meet with him. Elder Ballard related a similar experience when he was a young Bishop. He counseled us to listen to and recognize the promptings of the Spirit and to ACT on them immediately. The person Elder Ballard had intended to visit died the following morning. We ALL make mistakes and we ALL have room to improve. This week I have been praying for the ability to recognize the promptings and have been trying to stand up to opposition and act immediately on every feeling. It has really helped us meet some amazing potential investigators.

This week at the care center we helped with their trick-or-treating activity. We handed out cards to the parents-LOL! We also had a very motivating coordination meeting with the ward mission leader, Bro. Tally. He referred us to his neighbors. We visited them and invited them to the ward Halloween party. : ) I think they'll come. They have two of the most beautiful children ever! A two-year-old boy with a baby fro and a girl who is 8 months I think. The mother warmed up to us so fast and they were just a great family. Although not members, you could definitely feel the Spirit in their home!
Poison Ivy! (city girls ; )

It's as big as my head!

Trick or Pass-Along Cards!

Don't. Touch. The. Sisters.

We finally had a regular Sunday so I got to meet some more members in the ward. Sister Clark and I also wanted to join choir so we could get to know more. We (Sister Clark and I) are going to be singing a musical number for fast and testimony meeting in November, so if you could get me that Gethsemane sheet music when you get a chance, we really need it. It's a children's song, I think and it might be by Jenny Phillips or one of those people.

Our ward demographics are newly wed or nearly dead. There are a lot of young Utah couples out here for dental and med school.

Pray someone in my mission gets their Visa because I am not about this trio business...
Fortunately, the church is still true! : )

xoxo love always,

Sister Mohler
Awesome photobomb.


  1. Love hearing her experiences! What a great lesson in learning to listen to the spirit. Thee great thing is now that she is meeting with him she can always apologize for not speaking to him that day and he will know how much she does care. I had an experience similar to this and had to stand my ground speaking to someone when my comp did not want to. No magical thing happened, I spoke to the guy and felt the spirit testify of our Saviors love. Not sure if he felt it, but I learned to listen to the spirit. Sometimes these experiences are more for us than the other person.