Monday, November 18, 2013

Woodland Creatures Up In Here

I'm sorry, I don't know what it is, but I just really don't like writing letters. I think I inherited that from Dad. Hopefully no one is reading the blog because if they are I feel sorry for them lol. 

This week we worked on some assignments for the ward RS president. Our ward is like 75% less active so we have been really trying to fix that!

We are having Thanksgiving dinner with the Salmon's, We LOVE them! (: We have no problem getting members to feed us now. We've seen such a turn around with the missionary-member relationship since we got here. 

On Tues. I went to the doctor and she was really uncomfortable having so many people in the room haha. We tried to explain that we all 3 had to stay together, but she thought it was weird to sit in on each others doctor's visits...I think it's weird too. 

P-day is SOOO stressful I can't even handle it! There is so much to do! The sisters in the room next to us found a dead mouse under their desk :( There are all kinds of field and woodland creatures up in here! (I think I'm starting to adopt the Cleveland dialect. One of the speakers in sacrament last Sunday kept correcting himself when he said "wit." For example "witchu" instead of "with you" hahaha...every time).

There are deer everywhere just chilling on the side of the road and squirrels galore. Now that the leaves are gone we really notice the infestation. The most prominent squirrel is actually the flying squirrel, but they are nocturnal so we don't see them much. The weather is sooo bipolar. One day it's snowing, the next it's 62 degrees! Like come onnnnn OHIO! But I still love it here (: On warm days all of the ladybugs come out of hiding in swarms! They just completely cover the walls of the sawmill and the's kind of gross actually. Also, everyone here has cats or dogs, or both. Being on a mission has really solidified that fact that I really don't like animals haha. I guess I'm just a people person.

It is SO slow at the sites :( some days we don't even have one tour! Luckily we still have chat and have been able to help set up for the nativity display. It is such a good tracting approach to invite people to come and see the nativities. I am so excited for the holiday season! Sister Clark and I decided we are going to try caroling as a tracting approach hehe.

We have made a lot of progress and have had one of our best weeks lesson wise (: We had to drop an investigator because he is really close to our age and was hitting on us too much. It stinks when people don't meet with us for the right reasons. A lot of times people don't have intentions of changing, they just want someone to talk with. 

Anyway, I hate writing so I'm just going to leave it at that. It's hard work out here in Ohio, but the Lord had promised that Kirtland will be built up again (: I have faith in that promise and feel so blessed to be serving here in this special and sacred part of the Lord's vineyard. The responsibility weighs heavy on my shoulders, but I wouldn't have it any other way! You'll never know the significance of Kirtland until you serve a mission here haha! 

P.s. 17 Miracles is such a good movie, so is Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration. Watch them!! 

P.p.s The director of the visitor's center, Elder Sorensen, is on his SEVENTH mission! And his wife her SIXTH! Those crazies. 

xoxoxo, send me more letters, por favor, also do I even have friends because none of them are writing me, love always,

Sister Mohler (:

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