Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween, Missionary Style

Hello Everyone!
This week was better than last. Sadly, our investigator "A" decided to drop us because she didn’t feel welcomed by the members at Stake Conference…we will keep in touch with her though.
On a different note, it did snow this week. Not…too…pleased. We were tracting a lot on the first day it snowed and man it was coming down! I stayed pretty warm, but my feet nearly froze off! I was wearing my wool socks, but somehow my boots were NOT keeping the snow and water out. My feet were cold and wet the whole day. : (
It was still fun though-tracting is my favorite! We met a couple of great potential investigators, one of whom was a lady named "E". She is 9 months pregnant and has what looks to be a 2-year-old. She didn’t invite us in because of her cray dog, but talked to us through the screen door for a little. She was very interested and wants to meet with us once the baby is born. We are trying to think of ways we can serve her in the meantime. She will fit in perfectly with our ward because 90% of the women in the ward are also preggers…it’s basically the married dental/med student ward.
We promised an investigator we would go
to his church if he went to ours.
So we went!
On Thursday we had dinner with the Salmons. I love that family! They are so cute and fun. On Friday we had lunch at the Bullards and they referred us to their neighbors "N" and "W". They are friends with everyone in the ward because "N" is also in school. They did end up coming to the trunk-or-treat and "N", dressed as Weird Al Yankovic, won best costume.
Our investigator "I" also made it to the Halloween party. She had a really great time and loved the environment. We convinced Elder Clegg to do the Thriller dance so that was a HUGE plus! ; ) There is so much more I could share, but there is literally no time! P-day is the most stressful day of the week!
On Sunday we had dinner at a less-active’s house, Sister "D". She made the table so fancy! I took pictures. She is a single, older sister. The first couple weeks of December she invites 12 people to do a cookie exchange and we were lucky enough to make the cut! We have to bring 12 dozen cookies so each lady can have 1 dozen of each kind of cookie. Have any award-winning cookie recipes? I also got to meet a member in our ward named Sister Obasi. She and her family moved here from Kenya in March. Her husband is a lawyer and wanted to go back to school and she is just starting the nursing program. Their 18-year-old son still lives in Kenya and takes care of their property and their 4 young kids live here in Ohio. She served a mission in Kenya and offered to come with us to lessons! It’s so great when members come out with us. We are so excited to have her.
Studying in the meadow
            Today we had dinner with the Baker family. It was Halloween themed and so was all the food. They even put dry ice and cider inside a pumpkin. When I first got here members never fed us, but after seeing how skinny Sister Clark is they probably felt obliged-haha! We still have to pack a lunch and dinner when we’re at the sites though. Sometimes the senior couples surprise us with dinner. : )
They spoil us VC sisters so bad! There is a locker that they always stuff full of treats and snacks too. It is so FUN seeing all the Christmas decorations go up! I can’t wait for the 700+ nativities to start pouring in! This past week Historic Kirtland received a national award for it’s annual nativity display. : ) I hope Sister Clark and I are companions during Christmas. Serving a mission is a great way to make BFF’s-haha!
            Anyway, the Bakers have a family mission plan that is really cool! It’s basically just a proclamation of their missionary goals and how they are going to achieve them. For example, kids inviting friends, giving out Book of Mormons or pass-along cards, inviting to ward activities, conversations about the church, etc. I thought it would be a fun FHE to set up a yearly and monthly family mission plan! They invited 5 different families to the ward Halloween party and got 4 no’s and 1 yes! If you end up doing this, I would love a copy and would love to help you reach your goals.
he stays there all year round, "guarding" the house...
Something they’ve started in our ward is V.I.P. for very important people.
Visualize people as they can become
Invite them to anything
Pray for the elect and for experiences
Also on Sunday they showed a slide show called “The Mormons Next Door.” It was pretty interesting if you haven’t seen it. It is geared toward getting people to see and know Mormons for what they are so that if the missionaries ever do knock, they won’t freak out.
Eating donuts...with Sister Swag

I have learned so much out here! Every day is a new challenge and every day I feel Heavenly Father’s love for me and all of His children. My testimony of prayer and of the Book of Mormon are growing exponentially! I am so grateful for all those who write me and I am not ashamed to beg for more letters! : )
Know that I miss you and that I love you bunches and bunches!

All my love,

Sister Mohler

Remember: “There is never a convenient time to serve.”-Elder Ballard

So do it now, before you miss your chance. xoxo
The "no-no" box
District meeting crepes

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