Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ACT Immediately

3 Beautiful Sisters

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was honestly pretty uneventful. Sister Clark came up with a great new tracting approach. We raked leaves for people and left our information on a for them. That was super fun because:

a.) I've never used a rake before
b.) I got to wear pants!

Sadly, it rained the entire time, yet we raked ON! haha! One of our investigators was disgusted by our wet hair and would not stop asking where our umbrellas were. She is such a sweet lady! : ) She is from Alabama originally and has a very thick Southern accent. She has a hard time understanding the principles, but she feels the Spirit and is moved to tears every time we come over. We've been focusing on the Book of Mormon.  Man, I just love her!

Doing her tour thang...
She calls us her "bible study" haha! Last week we tried to teach her why we're more than that. One of her grand-babies is with her sometimes. She's over a year maybe...and can't talk yet but is so sassy! Every time she's asked to do something she turns around and yells something in baby language and shakes her head. I'm just waiting for her to snap her fingers in a Z formation!

We only had 4 tours this week and they weren't particularly memorable. Sounds bad, but it's true. The Spirit is just so strong on EVERY tour! I wish I could spend every day at Kirtland.

Thursday was pretty upsetting. We watched General Conference at the church a few weeks ago and it was just us and like two other people, one of which was an older gentleman. I wanted to meet him but one of my companions didn't so we rushed out of the building. I kept thinking about him the rest of the day and eventually the thought left my mind. So Thursday we were looking at a list of less-actives to stop by and I was particularly drawn to visiting a certain family. Eventually at the end of the day we made it there. I was surprised to see it was the same older gentleman.

We proceeded to meet with him and discovered that he had been battling non-Hodgekins Lymphoma for several months and that his wife had passed away in a tragic accident a couple of weeks ago. It took everything I had not to cry. I just started sobbing once we were home and I could be alone.

Two weeks ago I was prompted to talk to this man, two weeks ago he needed the Atonement of Jesus Christ more than ever, and two weeks ago I let the thought leave my mind. It led me to think how many times does the Spirit lead us to those in need, only to have us not recognize the prompting? I will never forgive myself for that. My heart still hurts for him. He did feel well enough to come to church on Sunday and we will continue to meet with him. Elder Ballard related a similar experience when he was a young Bishop. He counseled us to listen to and recognize the promptings of the Spirit and to ACT on them immediately. The person Elder Ballard had intended to visit died the following morning. We ALL make mistakes and we ALL have room to improve. This week I have been praying for the ability to recognize the promptings and have been trying to stand up to opposition and act immediately on every feeling. It has really helped us meet some amazing potential investigators.

This week at the care center we helped with their trick-or-treating activity. We handed out cards to the parents-LOL! We also had a very motivating coordination meeting with the ward mission leader, Bro. Tally. He referred us to his neighbors. We visited them and invited them to the ward Halloween party. : ) I think they'll come. They have two of the most beautiful children ever! A two-year-old boy with a baby fro and a girl who is 8 months I think. The mother warmed up to us so fast and they were just a great family. Although not members, you could definitely feel the Spirit in their home!
Poison Ivy! (city girls ; )

It's as big as my head!

Trick or Pass-Along Cards!

Don't. Touch. The. Sisters.

We finally had a regular Sunday so I got to meet some more members in the ward. Sister Clark and I also wanted to join choir so we could get to know more. We (Sister Clark and I) are going to be singing a musical number for fast and testimony meeting in November, so if you could get me that Gethsemane sheet music when you get a chance, we really need it. It's a children's song, I think and it might be by Jenny Phillips or one of those people.

Our ward demographics are newly wed or nearly dead. There are a lot of young Utah couples out here for dental and med school.

Pray someone in my mission gets their Visa because I am not about this trio business...
Fortunately, the church is still true! : )

xoxo love always,

Sister Mohler
Awesome photobomb.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Spirit of Kirtland

Saturday morning there was a pancake breakfast and a walk to the temple from the Visitor's Center for anyone to come to. It was really fun! We all got these little Kirtland anniversary coins.

At the end all of the children sang for Elder Ballard...
sadly I didn't get to hear because Sister Clark had hives all over her legs from poison ivy so we were looking for some cortizone, lol.
My legs are COVERED too, but I'm used to it... 
(Sister Mohler gets hives from time to time for no known reason)


A big focus of the adult session of Stake Conference was member missionary work.
It is SO important, I wish people would realize!
One of my favorite talks was from Elder Seldon, the Area Seventy. He spoke about getting "no's." He challenged everyone to go out and see how many "no's" they could get because for dozens of "no's" there might be a "yes!"

I really liked that motivating mentality. He said that success is defined as inviting, not baptizing. : )

On Sunday, our investigator A came to Stake Conference. I think she felt very overwhelmed. She left immediately after feeling very sick.
 : (  She texted us and was upset that not many people welcomed her or talked to her. That's what's difficult about Stake Conference, especially when we didn't even know most of the people. She did say that she wanted to come back though, so we will try to find more people to fellowship her in the meantime.

Elder Ballard said that if he lived in Kirtland, he would take his family to the historic village regularly. He spoke about the spirit there and of the beautiful sister missionaries there. : )) He said that the greatest missionary is the Village. I have definitely seen that to be true.

I've said before, the spirit of Kirtland makes my job so easy because people ALWAYS feel the Holy Ghost there. You don't have to know about the significance or importance of Kirtland to feel that power.

Elder Ballard said that "conversion begins with what they feel, not what they know." He went on to say that there IS an urgency. The Lord IS hastening His work.

Just know that there is a need for member missionaries and that we must all recognize and respond to the promptings of the Spirit because we are all called to the work!

The weather here is so bipolar! I can't wait to see Lake Erie freeze over!
I am looking forward to Christmas...too soon? (haha!)
We listened to Christmas music today. : )
Kirtland displays over 100 nativities and over 80,000 lights. It is, apparently, one of the the top 100 sights to see in the world...who knew?!
It will start to get busy again. I love working at the sites! I wish we were there everyday!

Sister Mohler
A typical tracting street
It rains allllllll the time
P Day!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Kirtland Is A Very Special Place"

This week has been so great! And also a little not great, but such is life.

One of our investigators hasn't been progressing at all. He had such a desire to change and asked us to send missionaries to his daughter, but was picked up by the police at 3:00 a.m. for biking while intoxicated...

BUI (lol)

A convert to the church of 3 years and the most stellar member missionary you could ever meet named Brother S has really fellowshipped him and he comes to all our lessons with him. He called Brother S in the middle of the night and he took care of the whole situation. That man is just so awesome. He is always looking for ways to share the gospel. He texts us every day when he gets answers to his prayers and it's adorable. We gave him a whole thing of cards and he has already run out. He keeps us excited about missionary work! I know the Lord will bless him in his efforts. Anyway, I don't think this investigator will be reaching the baptismal date of 10/19 set by the previous Sisters.

On Saturday we had our first lesson with S's soon to be sister-in-law A. She really wants to know the truth and said that she is finally ready to accept it. I felt prompted to invite her to be baptized and she said yes!!! I am so happy for her! She came to Stake Conference on Sunday and I just couldn't believe it!

Description: Description:
On Tues. we were at the VC of course and it was an amazing day. Every time we are at the sites I know we are going to have a good time. The Spirit is so strong there and I feel like I'm not teaching at all. We gave tours to the Smith family from Utah, a part-member couple from Philadelphia, and two co-workers from our area. The Smith family had 4 kids, I think it was, and they reminded me so much of our family. I loved sharing the history and the doctrine with them and watching the parents teach the kids. In the School of the Prophets all of the children were silent and you could just tell that Heavenly Father was speaking to them. We asked if any of them would be willing to share their testimony with us and their 11-year-old son volunteered without hesitation. I completely LOST it! I just pictured Trevor saying all of those things and I wanted so badly for my own family to come and experience the Spirit and the blessings of Kirtland. It really is a sacred place. We all sang together in the School of the Prophets, then the children sang Gethsemane by Jenny Phillips. It was amazing!
In front of the Kirtland Temple Door, flashing the "rock n roll" sign. Oh, Becca!

On Wednesday we gave two tours, one to a church history tour group from California and one to a church history tour group from Japan! It was so cool! The group from California had 4 young men with their mission calls. There was I think 30 in the group. They had been to other sites and Kirtland was their last stop and of course they loved it, as everyone does. The group from Japan didn't speak any English o_0.
I was nervous because I really wanted them to have a converting experience, but I had never taught through a translator. Luckily, I remembered that Dad had taught me I Am A Child of God in Japanese so I was able to sing my testimony to them!!! I think they really liked it (: It was a really cool experience. All of them were converts to the church and really understood that they were on holy ground. They have so much respect for the saints and for the church. I was humbled to be in the presence of such faithful men and women.

On Thurs. we ate dinner at a less-active member's house who is OBSESSED with flamingos...literally and clinically obsessed. There is not one inch of her house that is not covered in flamingos or her cats. She made us tuna casserole...not the best thing I've ever eaten, I will say that, especially since it was laced with cat hair. At least I was full at the end of it lol.

Every week we go to an assisted living center and do nails or do a craft or something and it always brings a laugh. This week we were planting popcorn kernels. One of the poor ladies grabbed a handful of dirt and stuffed it in her mouth and yelled, "This isn't even good!" We were like, oh silly, we don't eat dirt, hand out of your mouth now. Haha. One of the ladies we were helping could not for the life of her grasp the fact that we were planting popcorn. Man I love it there! Somehow it came up that there was a piano downstairs, but no one knew if it worked because they had never heard anyone play it so Sister Clark played the piano and I sang, then Sister Mitchell played the piano and Sister Clark and I sang. They really enjoyed that and want us to do it every week (:

Friday night was the 10th Anniversary of the Historic Kirtland Sites Commemorative Program. There was a meet and greet at the VC before hand with hors devours and everything and I got to meet Elder M. Russell Ballard. The program was phenomenal! I wish you could've been there. My notes are garbage in comparison. 

I serve at the Visitor’s Center on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, only two days a week for the off-season. The other days of the week we drive to our proselyting area. I am serving in the S. Euclid area in the Euclid ward. It is the closest the sisters are allowed to get to Cleveland, and let me tell you, some areas are sketch in our ward. There is a city called Cleveland Heights that’s the most ghetto because it’s the closest to Cleveland.

I LOVE serving at the Visitor’s Center! It is fun to be in our area, too, but nothing beats the VC.

We go to the high school track just up the street every morning It is pure masochism. When it gets cold we will go to the high school gym.
I wish that you could all come and tour Kirtland! You would love it.


Sister Mohler
"These are called Red Paper Lantern flowers. We found them while tracting. There is a red berry that looks like a tomato inside of them and I ate it because YOLO. I'm still alive and well. It was kind of good."

The following are Sister Mohler's notes from Stake Conference:

Elder M. Russell Ballard, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles- 

"Kirtland is a very special place." Children can come hear and learn the majesty that the Lord has performed in this village. Kirtland is the most sought after and desired place on the face of the earth because of its spiritual magnitude. "ALL of us need to slow down sometime to contemplate what happened here in Kirtland." Heavenly Father's message and been clarified and received in Kirtland with over 500 pages of scripture. He counseled us to "NEVER lose sight of these humble beginnings in Kirtland." YOU are living and witnessing the fulfillment of a mighty prophecy. He then went on to place a blessing upon the state of Ohio. What a miracle it is to be serving in this mission. I will never get over that. I would invite you to read Elder Ballard's talk, "What Came From Kirtland."

Karl Anderson, Kirtland Stake Patriarch-

I know I've talked about Karl Anderson before, but I will remind you what a great person he is. The historic sites would never be here today if not for him. He knows Kirtland like the back of his hand and is so in tune with the Doctrine and Covenants and the Spirit. He said that it is the message of the Spirit that the people feel when they come to Kirtland. He recounted when he was giving President Howard W. Hunter a tour of Kirtland the Prophet said that he has never felt the spirit so strong and powerful in any other place. He said that the only time he feels that same spirit is in the Holy Land of Jerusalem where the Savior has also walked. While Kirtland was being restored, the church had to purchase 3 bars that were on what is now the VC property. The city or state, I can't remember which, asked Karl to create part of the project as a meditation garden for the people of Ohio to come and enjoy. He of course asked President Benson before making the decision to which the Prophet said, "Mormons don't meditate...We work!" I laughed at that haha. What a work that has been done in the part of the world and what a work that is left to do! After all, the very beginning of missionary work began in the Kirtland temple by the keys that were restored to Joseph Smith by Moses. We refer to the School of the Prophets as the Lord's first MTC (: 

Elder Gay, of the First Quorum of the Seventy-

The greatest blessing EVER given to all the world was received in Kirtland. The endowment. The saints were promised that in Ohio they would receive God's law and be endowed with power from on high, and that promise was fulfilled. There have since been OVER 500,000 visitors to the Historic Sites in 10 years and the number is ever increasing.

I'm Coming, Cleveland!

Look at this set of pipes!

Week of Septmeber 23, 2013:

This week was the best yet! I wish I could actually remember it...

I recently realized that I neglected to give any update on our TRC investigator. There is NO WAY she is a member. (in disguise) Our second visit with her was far from our first and traumatic experience. Sister J and I resolved to avoid any gospel message during our second lesson.

Sounds crazy, I know.

We decided that our investigator needed to know that she had a loving Heavenly Father and that she wasn't going to HEAR it from us, so we decided to SHOW her. We spent the entire time talking with her, listening, getting to know her. Here are a few fun facts we learned from her:
  • China is going to take over the U.S. in about 5 years. She gave us a short Mandarin lesson as to prepare us for the event...Ni hao!
  • She eats live monkey's brains when she's in Hong there's that...She said they put the monkey's head in a hole in the table and let the body dangle below. Then they cut the monkey's skull and devour the brains. Yum!
  • She has never loved anyone. She has spent time in Paris and said it was "romantic" but she doesn't love family, friends, girls, or boys! (allegedly...)
  • She met her BFF in jail. Enough said.
I have received many packages this week! I am so grateful for them! I haven't gotten hardly any letters this week, though. I've been really sad that people can't figure out the type in the address (your email in the subscribe box) and BAM!? Maybe you could just email the blog link to the strugglers...

This week started our Visitor's Center training. There are 7 of us in the program out of the entire MTC. We meet in a regular classroom and we also have an additional classroom that is set up to look like a mini-VC (Visitor's Center). Our TRC's this week have been in there. We greet the volunteers and teach our little lesson, etc. Our VC teachers have stressed changes in the training of VC sisters. Previously, sisters were simply urged to share history, explain exhibits, and give tours. We are now taught to give lessons.

The missionary purpose as given in Preach My Gospel tells us to "invite others to come unto Christ." Visitors will come in asking for a historical tour. They don't know what they really want, what they're really looking for, but our Heavenly Father does know. Our purpose does not change. We are to invite others to come to Christ. We can help them to feel personal revelation through the Holy Ghost. It is not enough to strengthen testimonies, but to create an environment for true conversion. What a blessing the resources within visitor's centers are to missionary work and the strengthening of members. 
One of our VC teachers taught us an order of sacred buildings she was taught by one of the many General Authorities who visited her mission:

  1. Temples
  2. Visitor's Centers
  3. Homes
The spirit of conversion inside visitor's center's makes them the closest experience to being inside the Temple of the Lord.

When I first got my call, I was honestly a little English-speaking visitor's center! -___-
I thought, "come on, Lord! Don't you know what I can do? I'm not afraid to go far! I laugh in the face of danger! I WANT to learn a language!" 

I share this and I'm embarrassed.

I can tell you that the Lord knows what you can do! I can tell you now that the Lord knows what I can do. I am honored to serve the Lord in Kirtland, English-speaking.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go train at the Temple Square Visitor's Center. We met Chris Billings, head of exhibits from the Church Missionary Office. He taught us of the sacred call of Visitor Center sisters. The changes to the Visitor Center sister's training have been in place for less than a year. Less than 2% of missionaries are called to serve in Visitor Centers. Elder L. Tom Perry shared how the inspiration of selecting Visitor Center sisters comes. He said that they look for the visible light of Christ in her eyes and an unmistakable testimony of the Atonement of Christ. He said that they know IMMEDIATELY when a sister's picture comes up if she is to serve in a Visitor's Center. This does not happen with any other call.
Heavenly Father knows us missionaries of the world have been foreordained to teach each specific soul we will help bring unto Christ. I share all of this because I was fascinated with all of the information. All missionaries are divinely supported! I don't want to boast at all so don't post all of this unless you feel inspired to. I just thought it was so cool!

(of course I'm going to post it!)

On Friday we were able to return to Temple Square to lead tours. We were supposed to leave the MTC at 3:00, but our van was an hour late! Our teacher doesn't go with us, so we got really worried after 15 minutes. We were especially worried when 3 of the 7 of us never showed. We went to the front desk to find the missing van and sisters. They paged the sisters, but it turned out one fell down the stairs so they had to go to instacare. Our bus driver was late because he was their driver!

My companion at Temple Square was Sister T from California. We weren't allowed to tell anyone that we were from the MTC. That was all fine and good until we took a group of 30 tourists from Cleveland! : (  I wanted to tell them I was coming to them! They had so many questions and I loved them so much! I can't wait to be in Ohio! <3 data-blogger-escaped-font="">
I noticed an Indian family jump on towards the end of the tour. The father came up to me and asked who the pioneers we were talking about were because they had joined late. He asked if Jesus was the one who built Temple Square. I briefly explained the pioneers. He asked if Jesus had ever been to the Americas.
BAM! Golden opportunity!
I introduced the Book of Mormon and he was so interested! He couldn't even believe it when I gave him his own copy. So I gave out my first two mission Book of Mormons to that Indian family. : )

On Saturday I was able to sing in the MTC choir for the 2013 General Relief Society Meeting. We met every morning from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. to rehearse. On the day of we walked through a room that had an assembly line of the MTC Presidency's wives and Branch President's wives. If only I knew the torture I was walking into...
The were putting pounds of bronzer and blush all over me and it was horrible! I literally started tearing up! I thought I looked good and they turned me into a clown. I ran to the bathroom to wash it all off just in time to board the bus to the Conference Center and Sara Jenkins was in there doing the exact same thing-hahahaha! Like I know how to do my own make-up, thank you! I tried to refuse the make-up and the sister yelled at me to stop moving or she'd put more on. I knew that I would need "stage make-up" so I already had more than enough on. PLUS, last time I checked, blush goes on your cheeks, not your ENTIRE FACE! I looked like a Neverland Indian...!
Me and Sister Jenkins, after the make-up scrub-off.

We rehearsed in the Conference Center and ate lunch, then watched the conference from the choir seats! It was so awesome! I stared at the back of the Prophet's little bald head. President Uchtdorf turned around and watched us as we sang with a huge smile and Elder Holland gave us all a happy wave. It was such a spiritual experience singing those songs; I had to choke back tears.

Fast Sunday was torture as usual, but I'm alive.

Sister Mohler

Monday, October 7, 2013


I know I didn't get to send out a very detailed e-mail last week (my last week in the MTC), but it is written out. I just need to snail mail it so the weeks might seem a little mixed up.

This week has had the most ups and downs for sure. 

The flight was AWESOME! Aunt Liz surprised me on the flight! She is so so so sweet! It was wonderful to see a face from home and of course she always comes bearing gifts! 

We stayed the first night at the mission home and spent the next day touring Kirtland with all of the other missionaries that came in on our flight. We are the luckiest missionaries ever because Carl Anderson directed our tour! He knows everything there is to know about Kirtland! Elder Maxwell asked him to write a book specifically on the Savior's appearances in Kirtland and he also has a book about Joseph Smith in Kirtland. His knowledge of the Doctrine and Covenants is incomparable and it was a rare occurrence that the Community of Christ let him teach us about the Kirtland Temple from the Doctrine and Covenants while inside the temple. 

We learned that there is NO place on the earth more sacred than the Prophet Joseph's office in the highest level of the Kirtland Temple and the School of the Prophets above the Newel K. Whitney store that the church owns. Second only to the holy land of Jerusalem due to the countless times the Father and the Son have appeared in those two places as well as in numerous other places in the land of Kirtland. That really hit me. Every time I give a tour in the School of the Prophets I am overwhelmed knowing I am teaching in the place where the Prophet Joseph, the Savior of the world, and our loving Father in Heaven have all taught. 

It was a once in a lifetime day of learning about the Savior and the Father, about the early saints, and about the significance of this area. He gave us a fascinating handout of Kirtland prophesies that have come, or are coming to pass. I feel so honored to have been chosen to serve at such a place. Kirtland will be built up in the last day (D&C 124:83), what a responsibility the missionaries here in Ohio have to help bring that to pass and to prepare for the Savior! 

My companion is Sister Clark and she has been out for 6 months. She is the sunshine of my life! She is so sweet and kind and we get along really well! I feel so lucky! We also have another Sister with us. She is our temporary companion. Her name is Sister Mitchell and she has been out for 9 months. That makes us a trio, or as I like to say, triceracomps (: Sister Mitchell is our temporary companion because Sister Clark and I are both new to the area and Sister Mitchell has been here for a while so she knows the ward and the investigators! It is great to have someone to phase us in! 

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the dedication of the Kirtland Visitor's Center. We will be honored to have Elder Ballard come to speak to us VC sisters on Friday, Saturday for the adult session, and Sunday for Stake Conference!!!! I think it is so cool that he is allowing us to come to what they're calling the "VIP" meeting on Friday. I think he is actually coming to the Visitor's Center to meet with us! I am soooo excited! (: Before conference we had brunch at the Salmon's house. They are a family in our ward. Bro. Salmon said he would tag us in a pic on FB. 

Conference was as awesome as always! Sadly I only got to hear one talk on Saturday :( All of the VC sisters who were assigned to work on Sat. were all curled up with blankets and snacks in one of the theaters at the VC. It was so fun! Until people kept coming in wanting tours -__- Hence I only got to see one talk. I didn't mind it when non-members came in for tours, but I had no sympathy for the members! They knew they should be watching! Instead they weren't and we didn't get to either. 

It was, however, a miracle day. On Friday a lady named L, a non-member, came into the VC and we took her on a tour of the Newel K. Whitney store because she didn't have enough time for the whole thing. She felt the spirit SO strong in the School of the Prophets and when we told her the floor boards were original in the Revelation Room, the same ones that a Prophet of God walked and prayed on she took of her shoes and ran her feet along the wood. Her faith was inspiring. Afterwards she asked if she could bring her two daughters the next day. We were so excited!!! She brought her daughters and it was an amazing day. The tour took twice as long as Sister Clark and I taught the doctrine throughout the tour. Her sweet daughters, 8 and 10, felt the testifying of the Holy Ghost. They said, "I feel like my heart It's tingling!" "I think someone is giving me a hug right now." That family was prepared to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. While in the School of the Prophets on of the little girls said she never wanted to leave because it was the best feeling of her whole life. Sister Clark and I were struggling to hold back our tears as we watched the testimonies of this family grow throughout the tour. They have agreed to meet with the missionaries in their area and we will continue to keep in contact with them (: 

I also saw Sister Secrest! Unfortunately I was on another tour, but it was fun that she came to Kirtland! :D 

Another investigator we are meeting with is slow to understand principles as it appears that his brain as been damaged from heavy substance abuse. Sister Mitchell said he is also schizophrenic, but I can't tell if that's true. He has spent a portion of his life in prison and has endured many difficult situations. How wonderful the power of the Atonement. I am excited to continue working to help him overcome his addictions and help him find happiness though the gospel. Our last lesson with him his brother's girlfriend came in and shared her inspiring story about overcoming addiction. She has felt Heavenly Father in her life as she has over come many of the same addictions as Scott. It was a miracle that she decided to listen to the lesson on that particular day. I really hope that she will continue to listen to the lessons and increase her faith.

Sun porch in the house I live in!
I'm running out of time and I not even half done!!!!! The humidity is so nice! My skin loves it! (: It will be a sad, sad winter though...I am quickly realizing I have nothing warm. I might have to use some personal funds to get some things! We get $150 a month for food, toiletries, household supplies, etc. Hopefully I can budget well. I still haven't had a chance to get to the grocery store since transfers so I have eaten PB&J sandwiches for a week straight. I have finished Sister Clark's entire jar of peanut butter. (Sister Mohler is allergic to peanuts!) Thank goodness for those protein bars Mom and Cynth! We did have a pancake breakfast with the Community of Christ one morning though.

My address is 7800 Kirtland-Chardon Rd. Kirtland, OH 44094 You should put it on the address tab of my blog because my mail just goes to the VC. I love you and miss you! Wish I had more time! I'm going to send a hand written letter too! I am going to use my debit card to buy a voice recorder because I HATE writing in my journal. I'm praying there's money on it. xoxoxoxox Write me hand-written letters! I love those! I still haven't heard from my sibs! miss you! crying right now! xoxoxo

(Sister Mohler and her companion live in a lovely little antique house. She said, "It's so roomy and all to ourselves! There are two floors, a basement, an attic, but one bathroom. It is really old and cutely historic inside." She sent a picture which I will not post due to safety reasons, but it is a darling house!)

Answered Prayers

Sister Mohler had an amazing experience singing in the choir for the Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday, September 29th. The songs were some of the same ones she recorded for her CD, so she already knew them.
From Becca:
Well like I said in my email, I wanted to be in the choir from the beginning, but we never got the application. I went into choir a few days ago and asked if they had an alternate list and they said that they weren't going to be accepting any more singers because they've already gone through the selection process and blah blah so I asked if they'd let me just sit in on the rehearsals and they said that I could but that I won't ever be in the choir. I prayed and asked my roommates to pray that something would work out. I went to the rehearsals and after the first practice Sister Roach of the MTC presidency came up to me and said that she could tell that I knew the songs and that she would put in a good word for me. The next day they paged me on the intercom to call the front desk. A spot had opened up! Luckily I already had everything for the outfit. ( I did buy a new ridiculously over-priced black skirt from the bookstore b/c my pencil skirt isn't long enough) I was so excited until I found out that we were supposed to have an ALL DAY rehearsal on Sat. and that I was supposed to be on temple square on Sat. and I couldn't miss either :( So again, I prayed. The next day, my VC teacher said she was going to switch our TS day to Friday!! So EVERYTHING worked out! Miracle! Look for me in the choir, I'll be in the green button down from Banana Republic. 
FAR left, in the green blouse. To the right of her is Sister Jenkins, our adopted big sister!

Also, as part of her training she spent a couple of days on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. My sister went there with her children and immediately ran into Becca! It was so great.