Monday, October 7, 2013

Answered Prayers

Sister Mohler had an amazing experience singing in the choir for the Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday, September 29th. The songs were some of the same ones she recorded for her CD, so she already knew them.
From Becca:
Well like I said in my email, I wanted to be in the choir from the beginning, but we never got the application. I went into choir a few days ago and asked if they had an alternate list and they said that they weren't going to be accepting any more singers because they've already gone through the selection process and blah blah so I asked if they'd let me just sit in on the rehearsals and they said that I could but that I won't ever be in the choir. I prayed and asked my roommates to pray that something would work out. I went to the rehearsals and after the first practice Sister Roach of the MTC presidency came up to me and said that she could tell that I knew the songs and that she would put in a good word for me. The next day they paged me on the intercom to call the front desk. A spot had opened up! Luckily I already had everything for the outfit. ( I did buy a new ridiculously over-priced black skirt from the bookstore b/c my pencil skirt isn't long enough) I was so excited until I found out that we were supposed to have an ALL DAY rehearsal on Sat. and that I was supposed to be on temple square on Sat. and I couldn't miss either :( So again, I prayed. The next day, my VC teacher said she was going to switch our TS day to Friday!! So EVERYTHING worked out! Miracle! Look for me in the choir, I'll be in the green button down from Banana Republic. 
FAR left, in the green blouse. To the right of her is Sister Jenkins, our adopted big sister!

Also, as part of her training she spent a couple of days on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. My sister went there with her children and immediately ran into Becca! It was so great.

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