Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm Just A Gurrrrrrll...

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who sent me Dear Elders, letters, and packages this week. I was so so so happy to hear from home and to know that I still have support and love! 

The "Cheetah Sisters" dance went phenomenal and the new sisters in our zone are fabulous. They are going to Canada, Vancouver. 

I can see what M was talking about with the Elder/Sister flirtationship issues. The Sisters in our last zone were out of control, but the Elders entertain it. The Elders in that zone all wrote letters to me the night before they left and gave them to my DL to deliver to me, but he threw them all away because he said that it was inappropriate for them to write me. My DL is seriously so weird though. I wish you could meet him. Plus, last time I checked, tampering with someone else's mail is a federal offense...

I don't really know that actually. 

Then some Elder came and wrote his email on a napkin and gave it to Sister Jensen at lunch and another Elder asked Sister Young to go on a date with him in 2 years. I got an email from a different Elder, how he got my email, I HAVE NO IDEA. Stalker! 
The Elder from R's ward, whom of course I've never met, wrote me, but I didn't reply because I just can't bring my self to do that. No offense to him! Speaking of stalkers, another Elder was literally stalking me and begging me to write him. It got to the point where I actually ran every time he was in sight. Another Elder, from Moapa, wrote his email in my planner and asked me to write him. Who do these people think I am?! 
Leave me alooonneee.

 I'm just a gurrrrrrrll trying to serve the Lawwwdd. 

I think after a few weeks in the MTC the Elders will be better and have an eye single to the glory of God. They have inspiring testimonies and hard working attitudes, but are easily distracted.
I can't imagine why the Elders are distracted?!

Speaking of distractions, I was whistling a tune, which shall not be named, on the way to class and my teacher Brother Gigena says, "That's not in the hymn book Sister Mohler..." I was so embarrassed because I didn't think anyone could hear me! Sister Jensen and I died of laughter. It wasn't quite as bad as when Sister Jensen was making fun of Elder Thomson for always quoting the missionary handbook by saying things like, "Elder Thompson rudeness is not allowed by the White Bible!" or "Are you not singing?! What does the White Bible have to say about that?" Then Brother Gigena says, "Sister Jensen, last time I checked chewing gum wasn't allowed in the missionary handbook either." The whole class was laughing and she applauded him for the comeback.  

This week has been great and full of monumental occasions between me and Sister Jensen. None of which I can disclose, but just know that we love it here and that it included me and my comp smelling a tree for over 4 min. I can't however, imagine staying here for any longer!! It like a love-hate relationship with the MTC. Sometimes I never want to leave and then other times, I'm like "someone break me out of this prison!" 

Be careful what you wish for Sister Mohler. I got the flu/cold/sinus infection (honestly I don't even know what it was) this week. Sister Jensen and I had to walk to the BYU Student Health Center to pick up a prescription...which is OUTSIDE the gate! My heart hurts for the Elders and Sisters who have to stay more than 3 weeks.

I am also way pumped for this week! We are going to be at Temple Square tomorrow and on Saturday! Another excuse to go outside the gate haha. I think tomorrow we will be learning the ropes and on Saturday we will be giving tours and hopefully helping with the General Relief Society Broadcast. There is a special room at the MTC for VS sisters, that is where we will be doing our training this week. It's like a mini VS. (Visitor's Center)

I will admit that I have been kind of, well, really sad this week. I wanted to sing in the MTC choir for the General RS broadcast, but no one ever mentioned a choir so I just assumed they weren't having one. Well apparently they are and they just didn't give the sign up to our district because all the Elders left for their missions and they assumed the Sisters were leaving too :( BUT WE WILL BE HERE! 
I cried. 
Sara Jenkins is singing in it and she told me when the practices are so I went in yesterday and practically begged them to let me sing and they said they just don't have enough seats. I convinced them to at least let me come to practice just in case someone drops out. Unfortunately I'll be at Temple Square during tomorrow's practice. I was singing in practice today and the MTC president came up to be and asked me to say the opening prayer for the practice. I was kind of bitter because they made me pray but they won't let me sing...come on! Totally kidding. After practice the MTC president's wife said that she noticed I knew all of the songs really well and that she'd put in a good word so we'll see. UGH! So just pray that something will work out or that I won't be sad anymore haha. 
The kid in the back! 

Like I said, the Elders in our district left for Australia yesterday. They became our friends and we were sad to see them go so soon, but man we were jealous! Everyone here is itching to get out and go to work. If I have to see the missionary purpose triangle one more time I might die.

I have been praying for Dwan and thinking about her all the time. I love her so much and I know that in the strength of the Lord she will be able to overcome. 

I feel so scatter-brained, I don't even know what you guys want to hear about...

We ended our lessons with our investigator Shawn (who was secretly my teacher Brother Gigena) and we had some more experience teaching less-active members and member referrals. 

On Wednesday we had to scrub. BRICK. walls. I honestly think they didn't have anything else better for us to do so they just thought we could build some character. Sister Jenkins saw us and said, "Oh I didn't realize this was prison and we were scrubbing brick walls." She kills me! The wall we scrubbed for and hour looked IDENTICAL to the wall we didn't scrub -___- It was great to be in pants though :D 

It wasn't that bad it all honesty; kind of fun (: I wonder what they'll have us do this week. The Elders got to shine door knobs! Lucky! Apparently there is a picture of me at this service project that is circulating the inter-web...I have never seen said picture so hopefully it's not too frightening.

On Sunday we heard from Elder Bateman of the Seventy. He taught us that "the strongest missionaries don't waste time." Sister Jensen and I are working our managing our time wisely and focusing on how our time can be best spent as we prepare to teach. 

One of my favorite quotes from this week is from Elder Christofferson. He said that Christ isn't waiting for the world to become more wicked, he is waiting for His church to become more righteous. Christ expects to come to Zion.
I had never thought of the Second coming that way. Can you find the exact quote or talk for me?

I thought I had a strong personal relationship with Christ and Heavenly Father before my mission, but I have come to better recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost and the power of personal revelation. Every member of the church has room to improve, we can all help to build Zion, and we have all been called to prepared the world for Christ to come.

 I have three words: MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK. 

I miss you all bunches and bunches! All my love forever,

Sister Mohler
Sister Mohler, Elder Cross, Sister Jensen
Elder Cross is from the same ward as Becca

Sister Mohler & Sister Jenkins
Sara was in our ward also and an amazing babysitter/big sister to the Mohler kids

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  1. So, camp out with the kids at Temple Square this Saturday? What a "random" sighting that would be!