Monday, October 21, 2013

The Spirit of Kirtland

Saturday morning there was a pancake breakfast and a walk to the temple from the Visitor's Center for anyone to come to. It was really fun! We all got these little Kirtland anniversary coins.

At the end all of the children sang for Elder Ballard...
sadly I didn't get to hear because Sister Clark had hives all over her legs from poison ivy so we were looking for some cortizone, lol.
My legs are COVERED too, but I'm used to it... 
(Sister Mohler gets hives from time to time for no known reason)


A big focus of the adult session of Stake Conference was member missionary work.
It is SO important, I wish people would realize!
One of my favorite talks was from Elder Seldon, the Area Seventy. He spoke about getting "no's." He challenged everyone to go out and see how many "no's" they could get because for dozens of "no's" there might be a "yes!"

I really liked that motivating mentality. He said that success is defined as inviting, not baptizing. : )

On Sunday, our investigator A came to Stake Conference. I think she felt very overwhelmed. She left immediately after feeling very sick.
 : (  She texted us and was upset that not many people welcomed her or talked to her. That's what's difficult about Stake Conference, especially when we didn't even know most of the people. She did say that she wanted to come back though, so we will try to find more people to fellowship her in the meantime.

Elder Ballard said that if he lived in Kirtland, he would take his family to the historic village regularly. He spoke about the spirit there and of the beautiful sister missionaries there. : )) He said that the greatest missionary is the Village. I have definitely seen that to be true.

I've said before, the spirit of Kirtland makes my job so easy because people ALWAYS feel the Holy Ghost there. You don't have to know about the significance or importance of Kirtland to feel that power.

Elder Ballard said that "conversion begins with what they feel, not what they know." He went on to say that there IS an urgency. The Lord IS hastening His work.

Just know that there is a need for member missionaries and that we must all recognize and respond to the promptings of the Spirit because we are all called to the work!

The weather here is so bipolar! I can't wait to see Lake Erie freeze over!
I am looking forward to Christmas...too soon? (haha!)
We listened to Christmas music today. : )
Kirtland displays over 100 nativities and over 80,000 lights. It is, apparently, one of the the top 100 sights to see in the world...who knew?!
It will start to get busy again. I love working at the sites! I wish we were there everyday!

Sister Mohler
A typical tracting street
It rains allllllll the time
P Day!

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  1. I love that idea of getting as many "no's" as you can. I'm in! :)