Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Smith, Young, Taylor...

Attention friends and family:

I can open letters and packages any day of the week, but I can only see emails on Tuesday. I KNOW you all have been sending oodles of letters and packages, but sadly I haven't gotten ANY! 
So...maybe you got the wrong address and I would REALLY hate for you to send all of these packages and letters and me not get them! I really just don't want you to waste your money. ; )

So I was really sad at the airport :( It was harder than I thought, but no fear, the jolly TSA officer who was directing my line came up to me and says, "Oh, sorry. All supermodels have to stand over here, and then he directed me to the shortest line.
How nice! : ))

The sister who greeted me at the curb (my host) had WAY too much energy...but she was super nice. My room is in the basement and we just took the elevator down so there was no having to carry my luggage (: Plus, at the airport there were tons of Elders leaving and returning so I really didn't carry anything all day. When my host saw one of my CDs fall out of my carry on she like freaked out so I gave her a copy. She was literally running around telling everyone to have their family find me on iTunes. It was SOOO embarrassing -___- But sweet of her to share.

So when I first got here I had no comp. b/c she was just MIA so I stayed with the other two sisters in our district, Sister Young and Sister Smith. They are also my roommates. There are only 4 sisters in our room and 8 beds. We have extra space and extra mirrors. 

It's fabulous. 

For a second I wanted to be called Sister Taylor. You know like, "Joseph SMITH, then Brigham YOUNG, John TAYLOR came third we know..." 

Okay, nevermind.

As Sisters In Zion...
Eventually I found my comp. at dinner. How you may ask? I recognized her from FB! Mom she was that girl who added me because she found out we were going to the same mission! Her name is Sister Jensen and she is from American Falls, ID. She is seriously the funniest girl I've ever met! I love her soooo much! We are the absolute best of friends. Sometimes I think that is to our disadvantage, but most of the time it is to our advantage (: We have so much in common and are always laughing. Our relationship helps us to feel love for the sisters in our zone and for our investigators. I am grateful to have inspired leaders who just knew we needed to be together! We are going to be sad to part ways, but I think that we will see a lot of each other in Kirtland. 

So our first day here Sister Jensen and I got called as Sister Training Leaders (aka sister zone leaders). I was like, what kind of a sick joke is this?! That escalated quickly! How did that even happen? We can't even function on our own, I wish I could find the words to explain haha. Either way, we are really excited to have a new batch of missionaries come into our zone tomorrow. 
We are preparing a dance routine to "Cheetah Sisters" and they are going to LOVE it!...or be scarred for life and ask to be released immediately. 

We are also SO excited to decorate their doors. Sadly the only craft supplies we have are post-its so I'll let you know how that works out...

We have the opportunity to teach two different "investigators" while we are in the MTC.

Our first is named Shawn. We lalalove him. Our first lesson with him could not have gone better. We felt inspired to open with a song so Sister Jensen and I sang "Come Follow Me." I really brought the spirit and we were glad to receive that prompting. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation. For some psychotic reason, at the end of the lesson I just blurted out and asked him to commit to baptism. I know I need to see a doctor. Hello welcome to your first lesson, get baptized right now! Something even more psychotic...he said YES! Sister Jensen just looked at me like she had just seen I don't even know, Santa Claus or something. After that lesson we were so happy and full of energy.

Honestly that is the hardest thing about being here. We are tired ALL the TIME! We follow all the rules and everything, but to no avail! >:( 

Anyway, our second investigator is named Spawn of Satan, ooops... sorry... I mean Belinda. She has no religious background and is basically atheist. She literally screamed at us the entire lesson. I can't even count the times she called us stupid, that we were wasting our time, that I was a free-loader, that Sister Jensen was uneducated, and many other colorful things. We thought we could sneak in with the atonement so we asked her if there was anything she wanted to change about her past and she literally said, and I quote, "No, I'm perfect." 

I said, "Belinda, we're not perfect teachers, but..." and she just stand up and starts screaming, "I KNOW YOU ARE NOT PERFECT. You don't have to tell me! You are obviously not perfect." 

Woaah there Belida, down girl. 

Sister Jensen cried a little I think lol. Afterwards we were just laughing so hard though. Like she's seriously cray. She asked us if we were human or if we were aliens. WHO BELIEVES IN ALIENS AND NOT GOD. Oh the humanity!!! All psycho aside, we love her and are not giving up. By that I mean, we have to meet with her again, despite the fact that she said she never wanted to see our faces again. If I never come back, you know who killed me: 

A 4 foot woman from Singapore who looks like Edna from the Incredibles.

On Sunday we watched an amazing video devotional from Elder Bednar. I never realized how much I love him! All this time he has been hiding behind Elder Hollands shadow! The talk was called "The Character of Christ." It is now my all time favorite talk. I don't know if you'll be able to find it because it was for missionaries, but I would BEG you to search near and far for a copy of it! Some of my favorite quotes: "That's stupid!" and his impression of the Cookie Monster, "Get over yourself!" "This isn't about you!" "When you think you can't do it, you're right!" He also said every time he hears someone bearing testimony about their ancestors and all the things they've done he thinks, "Wow congratulations, what have YOU done today?" Like I bet you never knew how sarcastic that man can be. He's so funny and so encouraging! It was a powerful talk and really helped me to know how to become more like Christ. I really really hope you can find it and share it with the kids. 

The food is honestly not that bad. There are plenty of healthy options if you make the effort to find them (: One of the Elders in my district was asking a question to some authority figure, I can't remember who and he goes, "So are we required to eat at all 3 meals? That's just a lot of food for me." I looked at Sister Jensen and I could tell we were thinking the EXACT same thing. "Are you a HUMAN?!" It's not like he's skinny or anything either. I was bewildered. We eat at least 4 meals here. Got to keep that metabolism up ;) I will say that yesterday there were sweet potato fries and I could have died (:

Out of time! I love you all and I miss you! I am so happy to be here at the MTC! It is way way too much fun! We love learning how to share the gospel and we love strengthening our testimony of Christ. Jesus loves you and I do too!

Sister Mohler 

P.S. I see Sister Jenkins ALL the time. She lives on the floor above me. I've also seen Elder Cross and Elder Moore and handful of times. I've taken pics with all of them (:

My District

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