Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hi-This is Sister Mohler's mom! (that sounded weird)

I'll be updating the blog from now on. I thought I'd give you a little peek into what it takes to pack for the next 18 months of your life.

It was no small task.

Becca planned for living in a climate with seasons, something we are not used to here in the desert! She packed clothes that she could layer to add warmth and change with the seasons, and tried to make sure each piece could be combined with at least two or three other pieces. For example, each blouse had to go with three different skirts, each skirt had to go with several blouses, and so on for sweaters, jackets, and shoes. She packed a few scarves, necklaces, and earrings that would also work with several outfits.
I'm not gonna lie....she ended up with a LOT of clothes.

Shoes were the biggest challenge by far. We bought and eventually returned several pair. She had trouble finding shoes that had the right support, were comfortable, and "not ugly." She thought she found the perfect pair of black flats, until she spent a day with the Sister missionaries here and found out they hurt. Fun turned to function really fast, and we were back shopping for shoes.

We picked up some hangers at Walmart that hold several skirts, seen in this picture:

She watched a Youtube video that proved to be extremely helpful. We actually went to their store and bought three packing cubes and some other things. They recommend four, and they were right. Four would have been perfect! Worth the money! These were great for t-shirts, underwear, and toiletries. We also packed her things ON HANGERS and everything fit, no problem. Watch the video!

All in, under weight, haters gonna hate!

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  1. love that packing idea! I use it and pack by "outfits," but, will now use hangers at the same time! Thanks for sharing!