Wednesday, February 26, 2014

High Rollers!

Well another week down and I'm feeling great! I'm still alive, even though I have a hard 
time replying to letters. I indeed still exist. I promise I'm going to reply to a bunch today! The problem is that I LOVE getting letters, but I am just awful at writing back. I always run out of time on preparation day. I'm so, so, so grateful for all the sweet Valentine's Day cards and for the awesome packages Mom and Dad! I feel so loved and so happy! It's one of my favorite holidays! 
So our district has started using hashtags when we text each other. Too far ha ha? I 
don't know, but it's funny. Staying in contact with our district keeps us motivated and focused on our district goals.

 This week we had two lessons with E! We talked to him about baptism as our first covenant. I think that lesson kind of overwhelmed him a little bit. I could definitely see some wheels turning in his head, but he just progresses very slowly. Later in the week we just talked about recognizing answers to prayer. He told us that he had to watch his granddaughters on Sunday so he wouldn't be able to make it to church. We were devastated! At the end of the lesson however, he said, "well I guess I could make it for the first hour… " The Spirit can work miracles! That makes three weeks in a row with E at church. I think he really likes it, he's just resistant to 

Happy Birthday Sister Smith!
Valentine's Day was Sister Smith's birthday so after training meeting we came back to the house and surprised her with breakfast! I'm so glad I don't turn 20 for another six months. Scary! 

Anyway I of course didn't join in on the French toast, but it was still fun. Later that day we went to Golden Living Center to get trained to volunteer. It's an assisted living center in our area. We literally watched videos on "slips and falls" and "senior citizen abuse" for two hours. Biggest waste of my life ha ha! 

But at least now we are certified to lead BINGO.

Another super fun thing that we did on V–day was get super stuck in the snow and spent 30 minutes shoveling ourselves out… good times. To make matters worse, did I mention we drive a minivan in this ward? 

Yep folks- HIGHROLLERS. 

There's no riding dirty in that baby. I tried to avoid telling you, but the truth always comes out. Sunday was awesome! We were able to traveling to Cleveland with Elder and Sister Sorensen to go to Mission Pres.'s fireside for new members and investigators. Let me just start with #ghettoCleveland. The fireside was wonderful, Justice was one of the speakers! She shared a beautiful poem about being a child of God and wanting to serve a mission. Love her! E was supposed to come but he never showed up. 

It's so great to be a missionary and be in Kirtland! 

Sister Nance is the best companion a sister could ask for! I've been so blessed to have been 
able to become best friends with my companions. Sister Nance has only run a few redlights and nearly killed us once or twice. But all is well.

Even though it is hard to get my body to make it through the day sometimes, I choose to push myself and I choose to be happy about it. 2 Nephi 2:25, "men are that they might have joy!" Might is the operative word for me. Might=agency. No one can force us to feel, we can choose what we want to be. Men are that they can choose to have joy. So to be or not to be- that is the question...I say be! 
Be happy, be grateful, be yourself! 

I love you so much!

Sister Mohler

Sisters Mohler & Nance


  1. I am so proud of Sis Becca! You are such a strong individual and missionary - such a great attitude and focus! I am sorry you've been sick. We'll pray for you. Jack still talks about you all the time. He still claims that the yeah, yeah, song is yours every time we hear it. We love you! Take care.

  2. I came across your blog from a FB link from I thought, That sister missionary looks a lot like Sister Nance's companion from the pictures that her family posted yesterday. Clicked to the blog and sure enough Sister Lauren Nance is your companion! Lauren was in our ward in Texas and my boys loved having her as a babysitter. I also was in YW as a leader her last few months. Lauren (Sister Nance) is amazing and you're so blessed to serve with her. Good luck on your mission!