Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fancy Nancy

This week has been one of change! On Tuesday I celebrated Hannah's birthday by working extra hard at the Visitors Center-haha! I hope she had a good one! On Wednesday we were supposed to go to transfer meeting in Kirtland, but because of bad weather, it was changed to Thursday in Cleveland. Yay- another day in Euclid word and another day with sister Clark!  That evening we had a last correlation meeting with the Tally's and the Elders at Five Guys. That was kind of fun! I just ate my burger without the bun. Most days it's not hard to stick to the diet, but sometimes it can be really hard! The sisters like to order pizza at sites from this awesome pizza place and I'm always tempted to eat it! "Just once wont won't hurt" ha ha. Luckily I have some delicious alternatives to fight the urge!
(Sister Mohler is on a special diet to address some health issues, not to lose weight!)

I feel so much better these days and I'm so glad that many of the things I'm trying are working! I still felt exhausted 24/7, but I'm sick of going to back to the doctor. On Thursday we had transfer meeting. The weather was still bad so Pres. decided that the site sisters should just stay in Kirtland and have a separate transfer meeting with Elder Sorensen. It makes sense because we all just switch companions there anyway.

My new companion is Sister Nance, as if it couldn't get any better!  She's always happy and positive and loves missionary work just as much as I do.

Sister Nance and I have two investigators: E and S! E is a sweet Vietnam veteran and takes his sweet time learning about the Gospel. That's okay because we are usually pretty patient. S comes to church every Sunday and has a few friends in the ward.  Both E and S are just awesome people and sister Nance and I are going to get them where they need to go!

Sister Nance laughs at everything I say. She makes me feel like I might actually still have a personality despite what my letters sound like. I like to call her Fancy Nancy. : )

We get so many international calls and chats when we're at sites. This week I talked to people from Fiji, Thailand, South Africa, Bangalore, and many more! Sometimes the language barrier is rough but the Spirit can always reach a prepared heart. The man from Africa called the bishop and is going to church on Sunday! Another cool thing happened this Sunday back in the Euclid ward. A family from Ukraine just walked into church wanting to learn more! They said they had always seen the beautiful temple in Ukraine and are now meeting with Sister Clark and her new companion. What a miracle! The temple is such an important place. I learn that more and more each day as I talk to people about the Lord's commandment to build the Kirkland Temple, the sacrifice it took, and as I do my family history. These welding links are crucial to our salvation and salvation of our ancestors! How lucky we are to have temples on the Earth today!

Something fun this week was that we got to do some service for a member in our ward! Yay! I love, love, love service. We cleaned her house. We also convinced Ed to let us come do service for him this Thursday. I can't wait! Shoveling snow is a great workout.

My first Sunday in the Kirtland Ward was great! There is awesome leadership and organized missionary efforts. I can tell there are bright things in our future. : ) We are really doing everything we can to use every second of our time to serve the Lord. Our goals are to teach as many lessons as possible and to talk to many people as possible. Don't forget what matters most!  I love my mission and happy Valentine's Day!

Sister Mohler

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