Monday, December 9, 2013


The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we went to a Thanksgiving fireside put on by the Community of Christ in the Kirtland temple. It was awesome!!! There were interfaith speakers on Thanksgiving and some readings from the Bible from leaders in the community. The Kirtland sisters did two choir numbers so we got to sit in the choir seats next to the pulpits. What a great view!

 It really doesn't matter who owns the Kirtland temple. No matter what, it is still a dedicated building, it was never un-dedicated. It was built by faithful and obedient saints and Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father appeared there many times. Their spirit can still be felt if you soften your heart and listen. The Kirtland temple stands as a silent witness of those who sacrificed and dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ so that we could enjoy the blessings of the restored gospel and the temple today. 

On Wed. we were at sites again, but got to leave for a little bit to have dinner with the Johnson family. They invited both us and the elders over! They have five beautiful and CRAZY kids. Their 14 year old son, Luke, is an extremely talented pianist. He is the one who played for me when I sang in sacrament. While Sister Johnson was finishing dinner, Sister Clark and I make cookies! So fun (: They were so nice to have 4 missionaries over the night before Thanksgiving!

Some of Sister Mohler's favorite people
On Thanksgiving we went to the Salmon's of course! I love them! We had our studies in the morning and went straight over. We played games with the kids and had fun chatting with Brother and Sister Salmon. We ate a great and delicious dinner, complete with sweet potatoes (: Sister Salmon had to go to work so we left around 2:30 and went to volunteer at Aberdeen. We just visited with the residents for a little then headed back to Kirtland. 

We weekly planned then went to the Visitor's Center to learn a bunch of different ways to tie a scarf with all the senior sisters lololololol.... 

Then Elder Sorensen gave a really amazing devotional on personal revelation. Elder Sorenson is such a great person. He has lead an amazing life of service for the church and has a great relationship with the Lord. Whenever I need to ask him for something, I just ask him to do it whenever he has time, or when it's convenient for him. He says it's always convenient for him and that he always has time! (Which is really just not true). But I love that example of always finding time to do something for someone else.

For example, he is a photographer and offered to take Christmas pictures of all the Kirtland sisters to send home! They are so so so cute and it really brightened up this holiday time away from home for me (:

President and Sister Vellinga

The Friday after Thanksgiving was the grand opening of the nativity display and Christmas lighting ceremony. All the Kirtland sisters sang a few numbers and the mayor, Elder Sorenson, President Vellinga, and President Hayman (sp?) spoke. It was so fun and it was packed! With the flip of a switch the entire Kirtland Sites lit up with Christmas lights! Families from all over walked through the historic village to look at the lights and play in the snow then went inside the VC to admire the hundreds of nativities. Mine was a fan favorite ;) But really it was.

The number one thing I miss is wearing jeans.

-Sister Mohler

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