Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Week Down!

Another week down! Where does the time go? Last monday we went to the Smith's for a Christmas recital/party/jam sesh. It was so super fun! People performed and we all sang carols and had lots of treats. I totally want to do that some day! I also got a super nice package from Lori Burr on Monday! She sent me candy and pajamas an pens and slippers and totally went all out!
You know I love getting packages! :)

On Tuesday we slaved all morning making 12, yes TWELVE dozen cookies for a cookie exchange at the home of a less-active. As we went along making them the cookies got smaller and smaller because we were running out of dough-haha! The swap was preceded by a gourmet lunch. Sis. D lives for party planning-ha! Also, our old investigator A told us she's finally getting married and invited us to the wedding! We are really hoping to start teaching her again. We had dinner with the Johnson's and we adore them! The best part about eating with members is the funny things their kids say. We are always crying, laughing at the Johnson's. Their kids are crazy!

On Friday we ate with the Salmon's and it was so yummy as usual! Most of our dinners are amazing in this ward. Sis. Clark's Garmin broke about a week ago and boy it's been a little rough! Luckily I learned a new map reading talent! Brother Salmon lent us his Garmin to put us out of our misery so we were thankful. :) I probs could have earned my map reading merit badge, no?

On Sunday Sis. Clark gave a talk in Sacrament meeting and shared her mom's conversion story. It was really good! We also taught a lesson on reaching out to less-actives in young womens and helped them with the Good Works value experience #7. We ate dinner at the Wilde's. We love them a ton and were so excited that they signed up for us on Christmas! Their kids are so cute. Their 5-year-old and 8-year-old wrote us very sweet letters while we were there. Someone sent Sis. Clark a DVD of Liz Lemon paintings set to the song "What Child Is This?" and we have been sharing it for member lessons. It's really beautiful.

After dinner we went to the Christmas program at the Kirtland Temple. A lot of people from Historic Kirtland (us) and the Community of Christ were involved. I was lucky enough to be selected to sing a solo! I sang Away In A Manger. It was a beautiful arrangement! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I just couldn't believe it was happening. It will be something I will never forget. : )

We got the happy news that Sis. Clark and I are staying together another transfer! Yay! But sad news is that we're moving. We started at the C-Home on the hill, then moved to where we're at now, and now I think we are moving to another historic home. I hate moving, but it's so cool to live in these historic houses!

Sister Mohler

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