Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just The Usual...

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Hello Everyone! (:

Sorry to say that nothing funny or exciting happened this week. Just the usual! We gave a tour to some New Zealanders and they were so beautiful I wanted to die, but that's about it. We got a bunch of LAMMMEEE excuses from the less-actives in our ward about why they didn't come to church. The ward chili cook off was on Friday and that was super fun! We taught the restoration as the entertainment haha...It was good though! I wish I could send the video, but it's too big.

 It snowed again...and again. 

Let's talk about the General Women's Broadcast! WOW! I loved it so much and basically cried though the whole thing for no apparent reason...

We have a new investigator named Scott. He is 16 and is really interested in religion. Especially after his grandpa died. He is very prepared. I hope we can continue to meet with him! (:

Also Elder Holland is coming to our mission in May sayyy whaaatttt! (:

Once we were stopping by this former investigator from 2008 and turns out she is no longer interested. It seems she was some sort of mail order bride. Her husband brought her over from China and made her stop meeting with the missionaries and she became (another religion)  :( It was soooo funny though. We taught a lesson on their doorstep and the husband kept trying to convert us to their religion; not happening. He dropped the name of his church like a billion times lol. 
Collapsing on the floor after a loooong day!
To top it off we all held hands and said a prayer.

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